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Bulldogs Feed Company
Your locally owned and operated feed and pet supply store. Owner, Chris Kmicinski's product knowledge will get you what you need with speed. He'll even help carry your heavy load to your car.

Super Premium Products & More...
Dog & Cat Food, Chews, Biscuits and More
Pet Toys and Pet Supplies
Bird Seed, Suet, Bird Feeders
Chicken & Horse Feed

Avoid the big box stores... save time and money. Get personal attention, convenience and premium products at Bulldogs.

People Stuff Too!

Treat Yourself as Well as Your Pets.
We carry a variety of products for you too, the person reading this :)

• Gormet Liquorice
• Hand-Made Mittens & Hats
• Scented Candles
• 100% Pure Local Maple Syrup
• Avanti Greeting Cards

Liquorice, Syrup, Avant Cards, Candles

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